Adapt to the Growing Demand for Skills-Based Learning

The Skills Toolkit for Education Professionals and Administrators 

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Are you ready for the skill-based economy?

Skills are fast becoming the primary currency of the labor market, and the common language that connects individuals to employment - and education. By adopting this language, educators can ensure the continued value and relevance of academic programs while preparing learners for the skill-based future of work. Use the resources below to explore how.

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Skills Required

Employers and learners are increasingly focused on skills. Discover how you can adapt to meet their needs and provide value in a skill-based economy.

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Equipping Instructors to Engage Learners

Career relevance is a leading indicator of whether students say their education will be worth the cost. And instructors are on the front lines of delivering that value. See how skill-level insight equips instructors for success.

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The Case for Skills-Based General Education

In the conversation about skills, don't overlook general education. Discover a new approach to ensure value and relevance.

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