Enriching HR Tech Solutions Through Real-Time Insights With Lightcast

Enriching HR Tech

Lightcast enables you to enhance your HR Tech solution by integrating our ready-made taxonomies and real-time insights.

Making sense of workforce data and maintaining it can be a daunting and costly challenge. The dynamics of the global labour market are constantly changing, and it is really hard to build and maintain the kind of robust, dynamic taxonomies that enable the classification and organisation of data to be effective and up-to-date.

Lightcast takes this pain away, with a suite of bottom-up taxonomies and real-time data solutions that are used by some of the world's best known companies to power their HR Tech solutions.

Through our suite of APIs, we enable the integration of workforce data into our ready-made taxonomies and real-time market insights, potentially saving millions in development costs.

Lightcast deploys solutions through a variety of APIs, which enrich existing HR and Talent solutions by providing organisations with:

Lightcast Taxonomies
Cutting Edge Taxonomies

Lightcast taxonomies cover a multitude of integrated data points, which can then be used to help tag and organise large volumes of workforce data in a structured way.

Our Occupation Taxonomy covers nearly 2,000 occupations, while our Skills Taxonomy contains over 30,000 common and specialised skills terms used in today’s workforce.

These taxonomies are open source, updated regularly, and allow apples-to-apples comparisons between roles across markets and nations.

Real-Time Insights

Lightcast pioneered the collection and analysis of job postings, gathering from more than 51,000 sources daily, including job boards, company websites, and more.

We have over 1 billion global job postings, from which we extract a range of elements describing the labour market, including job titles, salaries, benefits, and skills.

Thousands of organisations are using this data to identify and understand supply and demand dynamics for workers, skills, and jobs, in any market, right across the globe.

Unrivalled Insight
Unrivalled Enrichments

The use of advanced taxonomies and classifiers enables the analysis of very high volumes of workforce data, which greatly simplifies what is otherwise a complex process.

The ability to integrate workforce data with real-time workforce insights facilitates the interoperable solutions necessary for today's dynamic labour market.

The integration of Lightcast taxonomies and real-time insights with your HR solutions, gives you the potential to create powerful, truly bespoke, new solutions.

Our cutting edge taxonomies, world-class real-time insights, and deployment via an array of API classification solutions, means you can simplify workforce complexities, enrich your existing HR and Talent solutions, and go out to your customers with tools that potentially save them millions in development costs. Get ahead of your rivals by contacting us today.

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