Transforming Workforce Decision-Making With Lightcast


Lightcast offers the insights on workforce dynamics to help you benchmark your company against your competitors.

In a world of highly competitive global labour markets, companies recognise the need for accurate insight on the dynamics of workforce supply and demand across their business, their market, and their competitors.

Ultimately, measuring the competitiveness of your HR and Workforce Strategy is essential to implementing truly competitive talent decisions that put you ahead of the field.

As the global leader in Workforce Analytics, our cutting edge insights can help you understand how you compare to the market using a rich variety of supply and demand dynamics, and crucially how you benchmark against relevant competitors on business-critical workforce metrics.

Lightcast provides software and consulting solutions to help companies transform their workforce decision-making through a data-driven approach that offers the following:

Unrivalled Insights

We pioneered the collection and big-data analysis of job postings, giving us over 1 billion historic postings, plus ongoing collection from 51,000 sources across the globe daily.

Our natural-language processing technology extracts 70 elements from every job posting, giving rich insights on everything from job titles to salaries, from benefit packages to skills.

Our proprietary, open-source taxonomies are updated every fortnight, and allow us to make apples-to-apples comparisons between roles, whether across occupations or nations.

Unparalleled Understanding

Enables you to explore global dynamics of workforce supply, demand, pay, diversity and work patterns to help inform big strategic workforce decisions.

Allows you to compare markets, explore new regions for expansion, and gain insights into the make-up of the workforce in your market across the globe.

Ensures that your crucial strategic workforce investments – including M&A, expansion, location planning – are made using a truly data-driven approach.

Ground-Breaking Benchmarking

Compare your workforce to the market using global supply and demand insights such as pay trends, diversity insights, career mobility and work patterns.

Measure your company against its competitors using a number of workforce metrics that are relevant and critical to your business and global footprint.

Benchmark your business-critical workforce metrics against ISO and Best practice HR standards to understand how you stack up to relevant competitors.

Our unrivalled data and array of delivery solutions, including software and API integrations, mean that you can transform your workforce decision-making through world class analytics and ground-breaking market and competitor benchmarking. Get ahead of your rivals by getting in touch with us today.

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