Gazelle Data

Leveraging AI to predict business growth.

Gazelle indexes companies for expansion, helping communities and staffing companies thrive. It supports economic development and workforce professionals seeking strategic engagement with rapidly growing companies.

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Ignite your region's growth

Gazelle's data propels enterprises and empowers their workforce, unlocking a world of opportunities. It can be applied for:

Presenting a compelling case for growing companies that are looking to expand and invest in your region.
Performing cutting-edge research, targeting companies based on their growth patterns, international footprint, and identifying growth clusters and niche targets.
mapResearch, target, and connect with the ideal companies and people attending events.

Insights galore


Top US Importers


Industry Sectors


Emerging Industry Keywords


Featured & Trade show lists

A sample of Gazelle’s data:


Historical data on past growth and expansion activities

● Employment growth

● Past physical expansions (offices, HQ, R&D)

● Company tree

● Mergers and acquisitions

● Funding rounds, grants & investments

● Employment growth


Companies in growth mode right now

● Received awards & recognitions

● Featured on a selected high-growth list  (ex Inc. 5000)

● Importer and exporter

● Historical import volumes (TEUs)

● Exhibits & international trade shows

● Received VC or private equity funding

● Employment & revenue growth


Companies that have an expansion project or forecasted to expand

● Exclusive information on thousands of future expansion projects

● Job creation, skills, capex, considered destinations & other details obtained from interviews with C-suite executives

● AI generated G-Score indexes 10M firms based on their likelihood to expand


Data on company profiles and people

● International footprint & detailed company trees

● Cluster density heat maps

● Supply-chain breakdowns

● Sectors of operation

● Primary and other NAICS codes

● Listing of affiliated local and traded industries

● Listing of key company competitors

● Establishment status (HQ, subsidiary or branch)

● Location adresses

● Employee count

● Founders, C-suite & senior staff contact information

How our AI predicts growth


Gazelle imports data from a multitude of proprietary, public and trusted private sources.


AI experts analyzed and trained a 10 year dataset to detect growth signal patterns, extract insights and identify companies that have strong growth potential.


The data is then benchmarked against over 1000 expansion signals like company performance, industry dynamics, and geographical considerations.


Advanced algorithms utilize predictive models to generate a unique metric known as the G-Score that ranks companies on a scale of 1 to 5 based on their likelihood to expand. A 6 is given to companies with verified expansion projects.

How is Gazelle data delivered?


Access comprehensive, in-depth economic and corporate expansion data in a user-friendly interface.


Prioritize accounts, surface key insights, and fuel research across your organization with our easily integrated API.

Ready to unlock the full potential of Gazelle's data?