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Our analysts can step in and provide the data and insight you need to make the best decisions possible with a library of on-demand reports, dashboards, and data.

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How Insider Works:

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Market Selection

Insider Market Selection enables companies to leverage detailed labor market data to strategically compare markets and choose the most optimal one based on specific business needs.

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Disruptive Skills Matrix

The Disruptive Skills Matrix gives a high-level view of the projected change in demand and cost of skills over the next two years to empower your workforce planning.

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Answer critical questions about these topics and more with Lightcast Insider:

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Lightcast Insider can be delivered in these four ways:

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We provide the data if you prefer to dive in on your own. Our global datasets, data on graduating talent, and data about emerging tech jobs are just a few examples of the comprehensive datasets we can provide. Receive specifically what you need from Lightcast, quickly.

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Need help understanding the data? Lightcast can help by providing dashboards that include the dataset plus a visualization. This is an interactive and digestible way to communicate the data, making it shareable across your organization to enhance collaboration and promote informed decision making.

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Expert Briefings

Meet with a Lightcast labor market expert face-to-face and receive the guidance you need. Whether it’s help with project management, API integration, or advice on workforce development like career pathways for internal mobility, our experts are ready to assist.

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Short Reports

A comprehensive solution that includes data, visualization, and time with an expert. These reports are tailored to specific use cases and achieve comprehensive answers to your questions. You receive objective, data-driven solutions with a presentation delivered by a Lightcast analyst.


Answer critical workforce questions with Lightcast Insider.

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