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See how your alumni are using their education in the real world.

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"We love working with Lightcast. I could not imagine doing some of the things I do without the incredible partnership we have."

Esam Mohammad,

Associate VP of Research & Institutional Effectiveness

Butler Community College

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Program review

Validate successful programs, discover new opportunities, and identify programs that may be underperforming.

Employer engagement

Discover businesses hiring your grads so you can build strategic partnerships.

Grant writing and fundraising

Bolster your grant proposals with hard data proving your programs have helped alumni get great careers.

Academic and career advising

Help current and prospective students set realistic career goals based on actual employment outcomes of your grads.

Marketing and recruitment

Engage prospective students by demonstrating alumni success. Make it easy with GoRecruit: a powerful tool that complements Alumni Pathways by putting your grad’s career data in configurable infographics.

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Top companies displayed in alumni pathways software
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Top alumni job titles in the alumni pathways platform
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