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3D Projection

A 3D projection is a design technique used to display a three-dimensional (3D) object on a two-dimensional (2D) surface. These projections rely on visual perspective and aspect analysis to project a complex object for viewing capability on a simpler plane. This concept of extending 2D geometry to 3D was mastered by Heron of Alexandria in the first century. Heron could be called the father of 3D. 3D Projection is the basis of the concept for Computer Graphics simulating fluid flows to imitate realistic effects. Lucas Films 'ILM group is credited with introducing the concept. In 1982 the first all digital computer generated sequence for a motion picture file was in: Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan. A 1984 patent related to this concept was written by William E Masters, "Computer automated manufacturing process and system" US4665492A using mass particles to fabricate a cup. The process of particle deposition is one technology of 3D Printing.

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