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The GnuWin32 project provides native ports in the form of executable computer programs, patches, and source code for various GNU and open source tools and software, much of it modified to run on the 32-bit Windows platform. The ports included in the GnuWin32 packages are:GNU utilities such as bc, bison, chess, Coreutils, diffutils, ed, Flex, gawk, gettext, grep, Groff, gzip, iconv, less, m4, patch, readline, rx, sharutils, sed, tar, texinfo, units, Wget, which. Archive management and compression tools, such as: arc, arj, bzip2, gzip, lha, zip, zlib. Non-GNU utilities such as: cygutils, file, ntfsprogs, OpenSSL, PCRE. Graphics tools. PDCurses. Tools for processing text. Mathematical software and statistics software.

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