A unified view of your internal talent and the external labor market

Understand your talent relative to the labor market in a single, unified view

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Coming together to provide data-for-good

Simple and accurate data that accelerates your time to insight

Standardize your job titles, unlock skills data

When you standardize jobs and create a consistent hierarchy using Lightcast data, you can:

See your internal data in the full context of the labor market
Benchmark compensation, roles, hiring, competition, and skills
Identify the top skills for your roles
Plan for upcoming roles by skills required
Assess talent markets in any geographic location to proactively plan and meet hiring needs
Measure salary and turnover against industry benchmarks

Access a common skills language, gain the currency of the labor market

When you use an open-sourced standardized skill language that is connected to labor market context and updated every two weeks, you can:

Create data consistency and normalized reporting
See how a single skill or skill set is growing in demand or shrinking
Discover the taxonomic relationships of skills to titles, occupations, regions, industries, and companies
Keep your skill data relevant to labor market trends and usage

“Visier and Lightcast are two companies whose value propositions help enterprises amplify their ability to make data-driven and employee-centered decisions. When the ecosystem embraces integrated pathways and a more seamless user experience, employees win”

Chase Rowbotham

Head of People Analytics of Genentech


Visualize crucial labor marketing insights alongside your internal people data

Add Lightcast’s standard occupations & labor market information to your Visier platform.

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