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What is AdeptID

AdeptID is a social-impact venture building a recommendation engine for middle-skilled job mobility. We use underlying skills data as well as real employment outcomes to train models that identify high-likelihood, non-obvious pathways between roles across industries. We work with employers and vocational training providers to expand training and hiring pathways for hard-to-fill roles to new, non-obvious pools of talent.

How Lightcast and AdeptID Work Together

Lightcast's extensive library of skills allows AdeptID models to represent any individual as a composite of skills they’ve accumulated - not just their last job title. Together, we can help training programs and employers get more out of their hiring and placement data assets. By better collecting and organizing those outcomes data - organizations can leverage predictive analytics (from AdeptID and Lightcast) to improve every component of their operations.


Career Mobility & Skills

Granular skills data, combined with real employment outcomes, allow us to identify and recommend pathways with demonstrated success – making job transitions less risky for talent, employment and training alike.

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