Atrium partners with Lightcast to support national MSP, EOR Pay-rolling, RPO, Direct Sourcing, and Staffing services.




Workforce Design and Management


  • People Analytics/Workforce Planning
  • Talent Acquisition

What is Atrium

With over 25 years of experience, Atrium has established itself as a leader in workforce design and management. As a woman-owned business, Atrium enables companies to achieve supplier diversity initiatives.

How Lightcast and Atrium Work Together

Utilizing Lightcast as a benchmarking tool, the Atrium's MSP team ensures suppliers offer market rates validated by 18 billion data points and curated from dozens of government data sources.


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People Analytics & Workforce Planning

Atrium offers consultative benchmarking support to managers with data provided from Lightcast.

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Talent Acquisition

This partnership with Lightcast allows Atrium clients to see a visual representation of their occupation snapshots and compensation reports.