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What is JobTarget

JobTarget is a recruitment innovator with a mission to create an amazing recruitment and job search experience. This is done through a platform that connects recruiters and job seekers through better outreach, engagement, transparency, and increased efficiency. JobTarget’s technology integrates dozens of ATS systems with a network of 25,000+ job sites and publishers. Since 2001, JobTarget has been helping thousands of organizations and millions of job seekers find each other.

How Lightcast and JobTarget Work Together

Lightcast has partnered with JobTarget to put real compensation data at your fingertips using JobTarget’s Compensation Analyzer solution. Unlike many tools that rely on self-reporting, the Compensation Analyzer provides salary and bonus figures as reported by the Department of Labor and the IRS. Our goal is to provide you the most accurate compensation data in a way that is convenient, improves salary misalignment, and increases the success of your postings. Simply enter the position title and location in the search fields and we will return the range of salaries for your area broken down by percentile, the number of workers that fall in each range, and the salary trend over the last 15 years.


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Talent Aquisition

Lightcast and JobTarget provide employers with necessary information on talent supply, demand, compensation, and location data on their openings. This partnership also helps employers identify compensation data in their surrounding areas to ensure salary alignment and competitiveness.