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What is Relode

With the largest, and still rapidly growing candidate and professional recruiter network, Relode is the realization of what the future of staffing looks like — an online marketplace where professionals refer talent or apply for opportunities themselves. Employers are able to connect directly with a network of qualified, interested, and engaged professionals to find the perfect fit for any job opening. Relode puts rewards back in the hands of their virtual crowd of recruiters, saving their clients, across all industries from costly staffing firm fees and unnecessary expenses.

How Lightcast and Relode Work Together

This partnership provides Lightcast access to a customer and prospect base of largely otherwise untouched organizations across growth industries and healthcare. The partnership also provides Relode and it's customers valuable data they wouldn't otherwise have access to, in order to drive key talent decisions.


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Talent Aquisition

With Lightcast, Relode will be able to help it’s clients understand why they are struggling to recruit across a variety or roles and locations, as well as help them hone in on what changes they can make in order to see more success.

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Workforce Planning

Relode and Lightcast will be able to provide access to growing employers and those in the healthcare industry key information in order to support their DEI initiatives, better understand what markets they have the best chance to recruit it, and what compensation should look like.