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What is Simply

Simply provides deep insight and rich functionality to close skill gaps and future-proof your workforce.

How Lightcast and Simply Work Together

This strategic partnership allows Lightcast’s global labor market data to seamlessly combine with Simply's workforce data to power Simply's software, Simply Navigate. Simply Navigate gives senior leaders insights and tools to make strategic decisions across their workforce. This keeps companies competitive in dynamic markets.


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Career Mobility & Skills

Simply allows customers to drive career development, planning, and mobility through multiple avenues. With Simply Navigate, you can analyze adjacency of roles and skills, build career maps of both upward and lateral moves, and compare target roles and skills with your in-house employee base. Simply Navigate also gives customers the ability to identify which roles have the greatest potential for up-skilling or cross-skilling.

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Learning & Development

Simply makes it easy to translate your in-house roles into a market-led, future-focused skills taxonomy. Simply Navigate also empowers users to break strategic capabilities into a market-driven view of underlying skills.

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People Analytics & Workforce Planning

Using Simply Navigate, users can benchmark their workforce with their competitors, itemize and prioritize roles, and evaluate their ability to develop, recruit and procure.

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Talent Acquisition

Pinpoint new talent pools, understand the skill supply by location, compare role and skill availability, and compare in-house costs with market rates.