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What is Trusaic

A leading HR and compliance technology company that focuses on solving HR’s most complex challenges across people, data, and compliance.


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How Lightcast and Trusaic Work Together

Make fair pay decisions, every time. With Trusaic’s Equal Pay EstimatorTM and Lightcast’s industry-leading labor market data, you will have trusted partners that can help you prevent pay inequities at the point of hire. Our partnership will provide employers with an unparalleled solution to help support their compensation decision process every step of the way. We help you get pay equity done and done right.


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People Analytics/Workforce Planning

Trusaic’s Equal Pay Estimator tool helps ensure that fair pay recommendations are made. It does this by coupling the pay equity audit results generated from our PayParitySM software. Conducting a pay equity audit analysis is critical to achieving your pay equity goals. With Lightcast’s labor market data, we help managers, HR professionals, and recruiters make sound pay decisions and improve an organization's pay equity.

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