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What is Yello

Yello’s early talent acquisition platform allows the world’s leading brands to deliver personalized candidate experiences to every job seeker, resulting in quality hires and faster fills.

How Lightcast and Yello Work Together

The partnership will enrich Yello’s world class Campus and Recruiting Events solutions with the kind of data university recruiting managers require for their strategic planning. Specifically, recruiters can instantly access public and private university data related to a variety of student demographics. Information related to majors, retention and graduation rates, diversity and STEM populations, and much more will be instantly accessible. This reduces or eliminates the need to consult multiple external resources when planning university outreach.


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Talent Aquisition

Making IPEDS data accessible will help clients better understand the unique attributes that each of their university’s bring to their early-career talent strategy. This places automation in the hands of recruiting teams so they can focus on people instead of paperwork and administration.