Powering Workforce Skills Transformation With Lightcast

Powering Skills Transformation

Lightcast provides the tools and data to unlock and sustain your skills-led workforce planning strategy.

For most organisations, workforce payroll & related costs can account for up to 70% of total company operating expenses.

However traditional workforce planning models don’t enable effective deployment and development of your workforce’s greatest asset - their skills!

Skills-based workforce planning strategies are the key to commercial success in today’s rapidly evolving world of work - putting the right skills, in the right place at the right time.

Lightcast helps organisations deploy a skills-led approach to strategic workforce planning and talent strategy. Our data enables enterprises to:

Normalising roles and define benchmarks

Enables organisations to analyse their workforce through a skill lens.

Offers a comprehensive suite of tools that streamline workforce skills transformation.

Allows organisations to accurately define roles and compare to external skills benchmarks.

Skills Assign
Assigning Skills Tagging to job roles

Enables enterprises to tag raw workforce data to our unparalleled skills taxonomies.

Allows the normalisation of job titles to create skills profiles for every role.

Facilitates the export of skills profiles into HRIS platforms, to embed in management workflows.

Visualising insight and enabling change

Creates a skills-based approach that will enable you to affect positive workforce transformation.

Generates advanced analytics and decision-making insights which will drive real change.

Unlocks the skills and talent potential of your workforce with huge potential ROI.

Our unrivalled data, unparalleled Skills Taxonomy, and array of delivery solutions including software and API integrations, mean that you can become a truly skills-led organisation quickly, powerfully, and effectively. Your competitors are also striving to become skills-led companies, so get ahead of the field by getting in touch with us today.

Ready to become a truly skills-led organisation?

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