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A solution that fits just right

We have a range of options and different levels of support, from ongoing software subscriptions to one-time consulting projects. We take the time to learn about your exact needs so we can offer you the right solution. No matter which options you choose, you’ll have the best data available and a partner you can rely on.

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What you get when you

choose Lightcast

We collect and synthesize data from an array of sources including government databases, employer job postings, and online professional profiles. We work to combine these sources in complementary ways to create a comprehensive data set that is greater than the sum of its parts.
When your decisions affect the trajectory of your business, community, or institution, you need information you can trust. Here are some ways we go above and beyond to give you the best data out there.
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Comprehensive Coverage
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Quality data
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Premier Customer Service
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What criteria can affect my price?

We understand that all our customers have unique needs. Our initial conversations with you are focused on getting to know your exact goals so that we can get to work on offering you the best solutions, all while keeping your budget in mind. Considering our most common solutions (and how they fit your goals) is a great place to start:

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How can we help?

Share a little bit about yourself and the problem you’re trying to solve. We’ll get in touch to discuss potential solutions and help implement the best one for you.

Some Free Resources

Don’t think that now is a good time for your budget, but still need data? Check out some of our free tools!

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Resume Optimizer
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