Completing Your Staffing Package With Data

Published on Sep 12, 2019

Updated on Jul 13, 2023

Written by Lightcast

completing your staffing package with data

Here at Lightcast, we want to help staffing and recruiting organizations become more data-driven in every aspect of their business. Over the last year, we’ve built a staffing-specific package with solutions built to help everyone—from the frontlines to the C-Suite—act with confidence. 

Here’s a quick rundown of what the staffing package includes:

The Staffing Snapshot report

Designed specifically for staffing, this report includes data to measure current market share in any location and identify new sectors for growth. For any occupation group in any market, you can calculate the potential market share for your company (or individual teams) in both dollar value and number of placements.

For example, let’s say you’re looking to grow in the Denver MSA. The Staffing Snapshot can show you how much money Denver area businesses are spending on staffing and which occupation sectors account for most of that spend.

We can break this down even further, showing you which occupations within those sectors receive the highest amount of staffing spend.

In this report, you can also see the top jobs filled by staffing, the top business sectors spending on staffing, and what other staffing companies you’d be competing against. 

Here’s a quick overview video of the Staffing Snapshot report.

Add Daily job postings to your staffing package

What’s the best way to see hiring trends in the staffing space? Good question. Our new daily job postings feature shows which companies are actively hiring. This gives your sales team an up-to-date look at the companies searching for talent so you never miss a window of opportunity. 

Salespeople can also save their territories and run a report that ranks the companies they should target at any time. You can choose to look at job postings from the last day, week, 30 days, six months, and year. 

In the example below, we looked at which Denver companies are currently looking for software developers.

Co-branded reports

Aside from the Staffing Snapshot report, the most popular report among staffing pros is the Occupation Snapshot. It provides a general overview of any occupation or job title in any market. This includes supply, demand, place of work vs. place of residence, compensation, graduate pipeline, and more. 

Now, staffing teams can co-brand the Occupation Snapshot so it includes your prospect’s logo and your company’s logo and information. This helps our users build relationships, value, and brand awareness with their customers. Plus, it lets your prospect know you’re devoting research time specifically to them, rather than pulling an off-the-shelf report.

A complete staffing package

With a tight labor market and plenty of competition, staffing companies can win more contracts and serve clients faster by using data designed specifically for them.


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