Employer Portal Webinar Recap

Published on Jul 31, 2018

Updated on Nov 3, 2022

Written by Remie Verougstraete

Employer Portal Webinar Recap

Last Thursday we presented a webinar on the new Employer Portal for Career Coach. Luke Jankovic (executive VP of higher ed) and Jason Oliveira (product designer) demonstrated how this new feature can help colleges and universities connect their students to great jobs. The webinar concluded with a good time of Q&A, and we received a number of insightful questions (and suggestions!) from attendees.

Below, we’ve recapped a few of the main questions that came up, followed by a recording of the full webinar. To hear the rest of the questions, you can skip to the Q&A portion of the webinar starting at 17:30.


1) When can colleges and universities start using the Employer Portal? Is there a fee or additional cost associated with it?

The Employer Portal is available now to all U.S. Career Coach users, at no extra cost! For assistance activating the Employer Portal for your Career Coach site, please reach out to your account manager or contact us.

2) Protecting our students’ personal information is a priority. When a student creates a profile or résumé in Career Coach, how much access do employers have to their information? How long does that information stay in the Career Coach system?

When a student submits their résumé to a job posting, the company has access to the information in that résumé, and only the information in that résumé. Employers cannot view data in the student’s Career Coach profile or information in any saved résumés that the student has not submitted to them.

Additionally, students can withdraw their résumé from a job posting at any time. Students can also delete their Career Coach profile, at which point all personal information is completely purged from the system.

3) Can a student upload a résumé that they create outside of Career Coach’s résumé builder tool?

Not yet. Right now, users can create and save multiple unique résumés in Career Coach and easily choose which one to submit for a particular job posting, but they cannot upload a résumé created outside Career Coach. However, we are actively developing this functionality and plan to release an update soon to address this need. Stay tuned!

See the full webinar below:

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