Emsi Skills: A new language for employers, educators, and students

Published on Sep 17, 2019

Updated on Nov 3, 2022

Written by Alex Doyle

Emsi Skills: A new language for employers, educators, and students

Emsi CEO Andrew Crapuchettes announced the launch of Emsi Skills during his keynote address this morning at the Emsi2019 conference. See below for the full press release and video. Visit skills.emsidata.com to learn more and explore the skills library!

Emsi announces new, open-access skills library with 30,000 skills

Emsi Skills creates common language to connect people, education and employers

MOSCOW, Idaho (9/17/2019)— Talking about the labor market just got easier with the release of Emsi Skills, a new open-access skills library.

Emsi, an Idaho-based labor market analytics firm, curated nearly 30,000 skills from hundreds of millions of job postings, resumes, and professional profiles. Now the free library is open to the public, providing an up-to-date collection of the real-world skills that people have and employers value.

“We built Emsi Skills to create a common language between people, education, and employers—groups that have historically struggled to communicate,” said Andrew Crapuchettes, Emsi CEO. “Employers want to know what skills to require in their job postings. Educators want to know what skills to teach in their programs. And jobseekers want to know what skills to learn so they can succeed in the workforce.”

Skill extractor prototype, powered by Emsi Skills

“In an economy that competes on talent, the importance of employers clearly signaling in-demand skills and competencies cannot be overstated,” said Jason A. Tyszko, vice president of the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Center for Education and Workforce. “With 62 percent of employers either exploring competency-based hiring or already putting it into practice, tools and resources like Emsi’s new skills library are necessary to support this critical shift.”

Emsi is also providing free access to a skill tagging prototype which demonstrates how the library can be used to translate job postings, resumes, or syllabi into the common language of skills. Interested organizations can test sample text or try it out on their own documentation.

The Emsi skills library is available now via API, enabling organizations to access the full list of skills along with the skill type and unique skill ID. The skill library is updated every two weeks based on live postings and profiles, as well as suggested skills submitted through the Emsi Skills website. Emsi takes an ontological approach, combining human curation and machine learning to discover new and emerging skills and ensure they accurately reflect the labor market.

If you have questions about Emsi Skills or would like to learn more, please contact Rob Sentz (chief innovation officer) or sign up to receive more information.