Emsi Update: NEW Exclusion Filter for Job Posting Analytics

Published on Sep 7, 2018

Updated on Nov 3, 2022

Written by Remie Verougstraete

Emsi Update: NEW Exclusion Filter for Job Posting Analytics

Emsi is pleased to announce a new feature for Analyst, Developer, and Talent that will allow users to further customize job posting analytics reports by excluding search criteria.

If you’ve used Emsi software before, then you’re familiar with the sidebar filters that let you quickly and easily add search criteria to focus your analysis.  Sometimes however, even filtered results might include jobs or companies that are not relevant to the question you’re trying to answer. With this update, you can filter out any “noise” and export a report that only includes the most applicable search results.

Let’s consider a few scenarios where you might use this new capability.

Focusing on Relevant Results

The ride-hailing service Lyft will often appear in the “Top Companies Posting” list for any given metropolitan area, because they are always looking for more drivers to join their network. But suppose you were only interested in companies offering more traditional 9 to 5 work opportunities. Just enter “Lyft” in the Companies filter, and toggle the dropdown from “Include” to “Exclude.”

The result is a report that includes all the analytics you’re looking for: Top companies hiring, top job titles, in-demand skills, etc., but with all postings from Lyft removed.

Going Beyond the Big Names

Let’s consider another situation where you might want to exclude postings data: Analyzing labor market demand in a city that is heavily influenced by one or two major employers. For example, if we want to see what job opportunities exist in Seattle outside of Amazon and Microsoft, we can simply remove those companies from our regional analysis (note that we can “stack” multiple criteria to exclude, just like we would when searching for criteria to include).

Focused Analysis for Program Planning

Or, let’s say a college or university is considering offering a legal services program. They might want to evaluate the job market for legally trained graduates who do NOT hold a JD.  Just enter NAICS code 541110 (Offices of Lawyers) into the “Industry” filter, and then exclude “Lawyers” using the occupation filter. The results provide a quick overview of opportunities in the legal industry for positions other than “lawyer.”

A Few Notes

  1. By default, filters will behave the same as they always have, meaning they will include what you enter and exclude everything else.  But now you have the option to toggle a new drop-down menu to reverse this behavior.  Doing so will exclude postings that match your search criteria while including all other results.

  2. The exclusion feature does not merely “hide” particular search results—it actually removes excluded job postings from the underlying data. Consequently, you will see job counts and other analytics adjust accordingly.

  3. The include/exclude toggle is not visible by default but becomes available as soon as you enter at least one criteria into a search bar.

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