Government Jobs on the Rise

Published on Oct 5, 2009

Updated on Nov 3, 2022

Written by Emsi Burning Glass

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Chuck Flacks of the San Diego Workforce Partnership has put together an informative blog post about the potential for new government jobs in the San Diego area. He cites a Washington Post article that says 273,000 federal government jobs will be added nationally by 2012.

After analyzing EMSI data, Flacks says that could mean thousands of new jobs in San Diego.

Listed here are the top five job categories cited by the study (with occupations).

Medical and public health (doctors, nurses, pharmacists, medical technicians, occupational therapists and industrial hygienists)Security and protection (airport screeners, police and correctional officers, and intelligence analysts)Compliance and enforcement (criminal and general investigators, inspectors, border patrol agents, adjudication officers and immigration enforcement agents)Legal (attorneys, paralegals, claims examination/assistance officers, contact representatives, and passport and visa examiners)Administration and program management (management/program analysis, human resources, equal employment opportunity, logistics management, and a variety of support activities)

If 273,000 more jobs will be needed by 2012, and historically, San Diego has about 2% of the federal government workforce (EMSI, 2009), then the region stands to gain 5,460 more jobs. This hiring would occur even if the economy were not growing during that time; and, most expect it will.

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