How the economic stimulus plan might affect education

Published on Nov 3, 2022

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With an estimated $141 billion of the Obama administration’s proposed economic stimulus package targeted for education, a U.S. News & World Report blog has compiled a detailed listing of where the money might be directed.

Federal legislators call this part of the stimulus “Education for the 21st Century.” Here are excerpts from their breakdown:

School Construction: $20 billion, including $14 billion for K-12 and $6 billion for higher education, for renovation and modernization, including technology upgrades and energy efficiency improvements. Also includes $100 million for school construction in communities that lack a local property tax base. . . and $25 million to help charter schools build, obtain, and repair schools.

Education Technology: $1 billion for 21st century classrooms, including computer and science labs and teacher technology training.

Higher Education: . . . Pell Grants: $15.6 billion to increase the maximum Pell Grant by $500, from $4,850 to $5,350.

College Work-Study: $490 million to support undergraduate and graduate students who work.

Student Loan Limit Increase: Increases limits on unsubsidized Stafford loans by $2,000. . . .

You’ll find more about this here.