Introducing a New Emsi Knowledge Base

Published on Nov 3, 2022

Introducing a New Emsi Knowledge Base

Emsi is pleased to announce the release of a brand new Knowledge Base! With a cleaned up format to point you in the right direction, lots of new articles, and a new fun look, we hope to provide an easy-to-use resource for anyone who needs a little extra help using or interpreting Emsi’s large library of data. 

Getting started

To access the Knowledge Base from Emsi products (such as Analyst, Developer, or Talent Analyst), simply click the Knowledge Base button in the top right corner of the page. 


Inside the Knowledge Base

Once you’ve reached the homepage, choose a category to browse (shown below) or type a keyword into the search bar. 

Emsi Knowledge Base 2020

The glossary is chock-full of the data terms, acronyms, and definitions that you may need to fully grasp the information in our reports. Use the Search Glossary bar to find specific terms, or toggle through the alphabet listed at the top.


Emsi Knowledge Base 2020

 FAQ and How-To articles are written to help you utilize various features within the tools and use reports to find specific datasets. You’ll find step-by-step instructions and even simple videos about topics such as finding jobs for an aging workforce or correctly citing Emsi data.

One of our more important new features is Report Walkthroughs: detailed guides to many Emsi reports that we will add to frequently. You can use these walkthroughs to guide you through each section of a report, or to better explain the purpose of the data you’re seeing. If you have additional questions about any report, feel free to use the chat feature found within our tools, or the Submit a Question feature on the right hand side of the Knowledge Base. 


Emsi data Release Notes, which were previously found only within Emsi tools, are now included in the Knowledge Base and can keep you updated on the latest changes to Emsi data. To see previous updates, scroll to the bottom and click on any one of the Older Release Notes drop-down features. 

Emsi Knowledge Base 2020

Additionally, you can access the Changelog to see updates to your specific product, or the Emsi blog by using the menu at the top of any page. 


Our vision for the Knowledge Base is to bless our clients and employees alike by creating a singular guide to interacting with our data and tools, and thus create a better experience with Emsi overall. Labor market data is not an easy thing to grasp (even for us!) and the Knowledge Base is a place for simple(r) explanations of our toughest topics. You can use it as a supplement to Emsi reports and write-ups, or just for the sake of learning about our data. 


You can visit the Emsi Knowledge Base here, or in the top right corner of Emsi products. 


If you have any questions or concerns about this new site, please contact us by using the Submit a Question feature in the Knowledge Base, or by emailing We’d love to get your feedback!