Introducing Lightcast

Published on Jun 27, 2022

Updated on Nov 3, 2022

Written by Lightcast

Today we announce a new name –Lightcast™– with a commitment to guiding businesses, learning providers, and communities through today’s complex talent challenges and toward a job market that works for everyone.

Over the past year since Emsi and Burning Glass Technologies merged, we’ve had great success improving our job posting and profile data, expanding the reach and impact of our products, and providing even better service to our clients.

Yet our clients still face ongoing talent shortages and occupations whose required skills are changing faster and faster. 

Our clients need a trusted guide to provide them with data-driven insights into how the world of work is changing. They have big missions and lofty goals. We want to be our customers’ strategic partner, giving them the clarity, guidance, and solutions needed to align their strategies with the global talent market. 

And we wanted a name that expresses our ability to provide those insights, and also communicates our values. 

That’s why we’re changing the name of Emsi Burning Glass to Lightcast.

Our name represents our role as a partner who can spotlight challenges and highlight solutions for our clients. We have the data and insights to help you understand the landscape of opportunity. 

Our logo is a symbol of progress. The two repeating shapes indicate partnership as well as growth, pointing to prosperity. Progress is the process, prosperity is the destination.

Our new brand color, Sailor Red, is named after an old adage that says “Red sky at night, sailors' delight. Red sky at morning, sailors take warning.” While we’re not in the business of forecasting the weather (or sailing), Lighcast does allow you to navigate the labor market through data and analysis. 

In the labor market of the future, any decision made without data is just a shot in the dark. That’s true whether you’re an employer seeking the right talent, a government agency working to spur development, or an educational institution preparing students for a career. Nobody can afford to guess–and with Lightcast, there’s no need to.

We spotlight the challenges and highlight the solutions for our clients. We have the data and insight to understand the landscape of opportunity, and together with our customers, we can create a global job market that works for everyone. We allow people to unlock the power to develop and use their skills to improve their well-being.

You can find out more at our rebrand introduction page.

Welcome to Lightcast.