Lightcast and Bullhorn Partner to Create the Ultimate Staffing Solution

Published on Oct 14, 2022

Updated on May 20, 2023

Written by Lightcast

Bullhorn Partnership

Lightcast is pleased to announce a new partnership with Bullhorn. Lightcast Data, a lead-qualifying tool, can now be automatically integrated into Bullhorn’s cloud-based platform. With this integration, staffing professionals will be equipped with comprehensive labor market intelligence that will empower them to become experts on the jobs they are filling and the ones they’d like to fill. 

Bullhorn, a leader in staffing and recruitment software, helps companies manage their daily processes from start to finish. Bullhorn’s clients leverage technology and automation to maximize their performance. And now, with Lightcast Data, they will be able to instantly access powerful and actionable data.

Lightcast data, conveniently located within Bullhorn’s job order tab, will allow users to analyze each job in terms of difficulty to fill, supply of talent, demand in any market, and compensation requirements. With an ability to quickly validate, challenge, or negotiate the details of each req, staffing companies can confidently optimize their clients’ offerings and increase bill rates. 

Reliable, real-time labor market data is imperative for staffing firms to make informed decisions and react to economic trends,” said Nina Eigerman, SVP of Alliances & Business Development at Bullhorn. “We are very excited about our partnership with Lightcast, which enables businesses to see actionable insights without straying from their current processes.”

 “Lightcast has focused on providing data products that are uniquely designed for the staffing industry,” said Ron Hetrick, Senior Economist at Lightcast. “Smart Req is our go-to product for staffing companies to negotiate the highest price points while removing potentially difficult to find skill sets from reqs. However, the product was missing a seamless integration into the daily workflow of staffing professionals. By partnering with a market leader like Bullhorn, we are now able to add immediate, additional ROI to req negotiation and fulfillment, as well as clear, up-to-date views of supply, demand, and wages.” 

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