New Partnership Helps Students Connect Learning with Work

Published on Dec 11, 2020

Updated on Nov 3, 2022

Written by Remie Verougstraete

New Partnership Helps Students Connect Learning with Work

Experiential learning is a critical way to help bridge the gap between education and work. But for students, finding the right opportunities — ones that align with their academic program and career goals — can be challenging. That’s why Emsi is pleased to announce that our comprehensive job postings and internship data is now available to learners via the Student Opportunity Center platform.

See the full press release below to learn more about this exciting new partnership. If you have questions or want to know more, let us know!


ALEXANDRIA, Va., Dec. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Student Opportunity Center (SOC) today announced a partnership with Emsi, a leading labor market analytics firm, to bring its job postings and internship information to what is now the largest database of experiential learning (EL) opportunities in the United States. The partnership aims to increase EL participation to better equip students with marketable job skills.

Students and faculty across the country use SOC’s platform to connect to high-quality experiential activities that bridge the gap between course curricula and workforce needs. In a complementary realm, Emsi works with schools to identify and categorize skills that are highly sought in today’s workplace. With the aid of Emsi’s job listings and labor market data, university partners can adjust campus programs to meet rapidly shifting workplace needs.

“Adding Emsi’s carefully vetted information about jobs and internships to our platform allows us to improve both the quality and quantity of high-impact opportunities available to our students,” said Chris Freire, founder and CEO of SOC. “Our students can now go to one place to access all types of experiences, including volunteering, events, research-projects, study-abroad, jobs and internships relevant to their interests.”

With Emsi, SOC will also make it easier for students to search for virtual opportunities, which have been vital sources of learning during the pandemic. This fall, roughly a quarter of students reported losing a job or internship due to COVID-19. In the long term, these virtual experiences will benefit students looking for opportunities beyond their school’s backyard.

“We’re grateful to partner with SOC to help universities prepare students for meaningful careers by building skills outside the walls of a traditional classroom,” said Bob Hieronymus, vice president for partnerships at Emsi. “By providing real-world forums for students to build and refine in-demand workplace skills, we’re bridging the divide between the academy and the workplace.”

Research from the National Survey of Student Engagement recommends that students participate in at least two high-impact practices, like experiential learning, during their college tenure. And the Strada Education Network recently found that students who receive “excellent” support in their transition to work are more than four times as likely as those who receive “poor” support to feel their degree is worth the cost.

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