New Video Highlights Emsi’s Mission

Published on Nov 9, 2018

Updated on Nov 3, 2022

Written by Emsi Burning Glass

New Video Highlights Emsi’s Mission

I’ve been at Emsi for over 12 years and have enjoyed watching the company grow. We’ve gone from a small, local start-up to an established business serving the worlds of talent acquisition, higher education, and workforce/economic development. We are deeply committed to what we do. And we’re always striving to create better data that our clients can use to achieve results for the people they serve.

Here at Emsi, we’re also constantly honing our vision: who we are, why we exist, and how we help organizations create data-informed solutions. To explain that vision, we made this little video.

Our mission is to drive economic prosperity with labor market data. We do this by informing and connecting three critical audiences:

  1. People (who are looking for good work)

  2. Employers (who are looking for good people)

  3. Educators (who are looking to build good programs and engage students, employers, and the community)

Since this vital connection takes place in the context of regional economies, we also work with workforce and economic development organizations laboring to improve economic ecosystems. Our clients recognize us for our peerless service and deep commitment. We are blessed to work alongside such dedicated, passionate customers as we build a stronger economy.

We compile our data, which covers more than 99% of the workforce, from a wide variety of government sources, job postings, and online profiles. Our amazing clients use Emsi data to solve a variety of problems:

  • Align programs with regional needs

  • Equip students with career visions

  • Understand regional economic and workforce activity

  • Find the right talent

If you have any questions about Emsi or our data, please contact us or visit You can also reach out to me directly at