Using Lightcast Data to Empower Talent Strategy

Published on Mar 20, 2023

Updated on May 18, 2023

Written by Mariana Marques

Simply Get Results

Founded in 2016, Simply Get Results is a People Analytics Software business that provides talent insights to HR and business leaders across the globe, enabling large enterprises to understand the skills they need to fulfil their business goals, close skills gaps and hire the right talent. 

The challenge

A vital part of delivering these services to their customers is the use of good quality global labour market data. However, this was something the Simply Get Results team lacked, leaving them with two options: start from scratch by scraping the data themselves, which would involve many risks and complications, or partner with a data provider they knew offered trustworthy current data they could rely on for years to come. 

Partnering with Lightcast

So in 2020, Simply Get Results partnered with Lightcast (formerly Emsi Burning Glass) to incorporate its unparalleled workforce data into its software solutions. Using Lightcast’s API, they are able to access both job postings and talent profile data across geographies, which ultimately means that their customers - large enterprise employers - can get the insights they’re looking for on location strategy and where in the world their resources can be recruited from.

Commenting on the decision to partner with Lighcast, John Guy, Co-founder and Product Director, said: 

“We really think that Lightcast has the world's best labour market data, and along with the excellent customer service we get, this means we are able to develop software solutions upon that strength, resulting in bringing genuinely useful skills and talent insights to our customers that help their business prosper.” 

How Lightcast enables Simply Get Results to unlock market opportunities 

Working with Lightcast not only means that Simply Get Results can leverage accurate and reliable data to power its software solutions but they are also able to build on this data to get products to market, innovate applications quickly, and come up with new ideas to expand its services and increase its value to its customers. 

When discussing the benefits of using Lightcast, John Guy commented: 

Lightcast has absolutely accelerated our time to market. The fact that the data is global and consistent is really, really, really strong and impressive. This global reach and depth are pretty unchallenged when it comes to labour market data. It enables us to innovate applications on top of that data that help us differentiate as a player in this market.

John Guy, Co-founder and Product Director at Simply

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