Webinar: Degrees at Work

Published on Aug 9, 2019

Updated on Nov 3, 2022

Written by Alex Doyle

Webinar: Degrees at Work

On September 4, 2pm EDT (11am PDT), Emsi is hosting the webinar Degrees at Work: Examining Outcomes + Skills.

How are our majors connected to our roles in the labor market? The common perception is that STEM-type, hard-skill programs lead to vastly better career outcomes than soft-skill programs, like the humanities.

But in Degrees at Work, we found that different degrees, from language and philosophy to IT and engineering, often have surprisingly similar career outcomes. This leads us to ask, “What is the real-world value of popular degrees? How do graduates of those programs navigate the labor market over time? What skills do they employ in their day-to-day work?”

During this webinar, the authors of Degrees at Work will cover these topics as they talk about the relationship between education and work. In particular, they will discuss:

  • The career outcomes of various degrees

  • The skill clusters that equip graduates of different programs for a range of jobs

  • How to effectively use this data in program planning and marketing, talent acquisition, employer engagement, and economic and regional development

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The Authors of Degrees at Work