Webinar Recap: Using Alumni Data to Expand Students’ Horizons and Strengthen Employer Relationships

Published on Aug 30, 2018

Updated on Jan 24, 2023

Written by Remie Verougstraete

“It was very exciting to see—especially working in career services—that this is answering the most common questions we get from parents, administrators, chairs and deans, and even students.”

Dr. Jenna Crabb

That’s how Dr. Jenna Crabb concluded her recent presentation on leveraging alumni outcomes data to drive college effectiveness. Speaking from her experience as director of career services at the University of New Mexico, Jenna demonstrated how she uses the Profile Analytics module to quickly run reports and deliver valuable information to students, faculty, administration, and the university’s employer partners.

Here are a few takeaways:

  • Alumni outcomes data can give current students confidence and clarity around their choice of major.

  • By running company-specific reports, Jenna gives the university’s employer partners insight into their talent pipeline which can inform future on-campus recruiting efforts.

  • Filtering the data by a particular soft skill, like “leadership,” shows the prevalence of that skill across different majors and career fields. This data can help students see the value of acquiring this skill, as well as the importance of communicating it on résumés and in interviews.

  • The University of New Mexico’s alumni association and the UNM foundation are using the downloadable alumni profiles and lists of top companies to inform strategic outreach initiatives.

  • “It helps broaden the knowledge and increase the depth of the assistance that we provide for our constituents here at UNM. I’ve had a lot of fun and everyone that I’ve shared this data with has been excited about it!” – Dr. Jenna Crabb

See a full recording of the webinar below. After an introductory overview of Emsi data, Dr. Crabb’s presentation begins at the 4:50 mark.

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