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This report is a perfect resource for leaders in planning for 2022, as it provides high level insight into the biggest trends and developments we’re facing as we move into the new year


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Technological innovations are radically changing who companies are hiring.

As technology involved in arenas like automation, cybersecurity, and cloud services advances at ever-increasing speeds, companies are looking for future-ready workers.

Remote work is radically changing where companies are hiring.

As large swathes of the workforce move online, companies are expanding their hiring efforts to regions well beyond their own.

Talent shortages are forcing companies to adjust compensation packages.

As the struggle to find talent continues, companies are raising wages, as well as turning to creative incentives like tuition assistance and onsite training


Build a defensible plan for securing the workforce you need to keep your company on top despite a tight labor market

The Next Wave of Talent

Whitney Bray highlights the big takeaways from our latest Talent Playbook! Sit back, relax, and listen along with us as we discuss the insights you need to create your talent strategy this year.

This past year, we experienced some of the fastest, most significant economic changes of recent memory. The pandemic, the labor shortages, the Great Resignation, the rise of remote work and automation—all of these factors have combined to create an incredibly unique situation heading into 2022.


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