Agile Program Management

Strategies for thriving in the face of complexity and change
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How do you maintain relevant academic programs in a constantly changing environment?

Today’s economy is marked by complexity and change. New jobs are emerging and old jobs are evolving along with the skills required to do them. To help students of all backgrounds navigate these disruptions, colleges and universities must deliver relevant education that aligns with the needs and opportunities of a dynamic market.

It’s time for Agile Program Management.

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Why agile? Why now?

Academic programs are the lifeblood of any college or university. While there are other important factors in enrolling and retaining students (recruitment strategies, marketing campaigns, wraparound services, etc.) an institution lives or dies on the strength of the programs it offers and whether or not those programs are attractive to learners. That’s why maintaining a program portfolio’s relevance and value is of paramount importance.

And yet, many institutions continue to manage academic programs the same way they did back when enrollment was steadily rising and society had an unflagging confidence in the value of a college degree. Today, things are different.

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