Building a Disruptive Workforce

Sourcing Talent in a Time of Change

About This Report

The fast pace of technological change is sorting firms into two types: those that can adapt to and thrive in disruption, and those that cannot. Key to this difference in workforce development are skills of mass disruption—the skills that allow us to drive, create, and exploit change, rather than simply endure it.

Skills of Mass Disruption

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Have high projected demand growth

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Are undersupplied in the current labor market

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Offer high value to firms

Did you know?


Only 31% of disruptive workers are recruited internally


Nearly two-thirds of disruptive workers transitioned from a different occupation


Only 5% of the current disruptive workforce has less than a bachelor's degree


This is the first management job for 70% of those leading disruptive tech teams

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Disruptive Workforce

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