Eclipse Employment Impact Report

Quantifying the Career Opportunities Enabling the Industrial Evolution


Startups in physical industries are driving the Industrial Evolution — innovating with digital technology to modernize industrial processes and increase productivity and sustainability.

At the same time, these startups — such as those in the Eclipse portfolio — are modernizing workforce development in physical industries to cultivate the next generation of workers in construction, industrial manufacturing, transportation and other physical sectors — sectors with growing shortages of skilled workers.

Physical industry startups have played a critical role both in digitizing the physical sector and in democratizing technology, making it more accessible to a broader swath of the workforce and expanding new digital job opportunities outside of Big Tech.

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Digitization in the physical industries is reflected in skill growth

As the physical industries digitize and modernize, it shifts the type of worker needed in the physical sector and opens up broader job opportunities for those with digital skills. While specialized domain knowledge remains a necessity, employees with digital skills are in high demand.


Startups recognize the competitive edge of digital skills in the physical space

Despite the substantial increase in employer demand for digital skills across physical industries, startup companies, in particular, have shown a remarkable preference for these skills, surpassing other companies operating in the physical space.


New, blended roles are emerging that require both digital skills and industry knowledge

The infusion of digital skills into traditional physical industry roles has expanded opportunities for professionals in the sector. The physical sector needs workers who can blend digital skills with their domain expertise to connect the dots between the technology and the physical environment, and to modernize the way traditional jobs are done.


Traditional occupations in physical industries are digitizing, but maintain a heavy emphasis on domain expertise

Employers in the physical sector are actively seeking individuals to fill traditional roles possessing a combination of industry-specific knowledge and digital proficiency. Consequently, companies are not only expanding job opportunities, but also the scope of skill requirements in the contemporary workforce, where the integration of industry acumen and digital capabilities is becoming increasingly vital.

Creating Opportunity:
A digital career in the physical sector is as advantageous as one in the tech industry

There are many career paths within the physical sector that lead to lucrative pay days and significant upward mobility.

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