Educate to Enroll

5 tactics to engage today's career-focused learners
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Educate to Enroll

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Conventional wisdom says you have to enroll learners before you can educate them. But these are not conventional times.

With questions swirling around the value of higher education, it’s more important than ever to show prospective students how their enrollment decision connects to their career goals. In this paper, learn how and why to deliver relevant information at the point of decision—so learners have the confidence and clarity to enroll.

In Educate to Enroll, you'll learn:

• What surveys show about prospective learners' motivations and concerns

• How career-relevance affects learner perception of educational value

• Tactics to help learners clarify career goals and enroll in the right program

Learn why and how to attract learners

by helping them clarify career goals.