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Creating A Sustainable Labor Market

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Green means growth.

And the green economy is bigger than you might think. Green jobs represented just 1% of all US jobs in 1970—but by 2030, they're expected to reach 14%, representing 24 million workers.

Lightcast and WorkingNation have produced a research initiative project called Green Jobs Now, where we use our data to help show what kinds of green jobs are available in different states, and how those patterns are likely to develop in the future.

This provides insight on projected growth (5.5% over five years), the top green skills requested by employers (renewable energy knowledge, listed in over 40,000 postings and offering an annual salary premium of about $5,600) and total jobs in the green economy (1.4 million).

Each individual report provides a deep dive into local green economies and real opportunities for real workers throughout the country—dive in below.

Green and Growing, State by State

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Green Jobs Now: National

As new development and legislation continues to create investment in the green economy, we'll need new workers to fill those roles. Here are the national trends in sustainability.

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Green Jobs Now: Texas

It's famous for its history in oil and gas, but the Lone Star State now leads the nation in renewable energy production, with nearly 12% projected growth in five years.

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Green Jobs Now: California

The biggest state economy in the US is made up of thousands of smaller communities relying on green jobs in countless ways and leads the country in innovation.

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Green Jobs Now: Iowa

All eyes are on the Hawkeye State as major corporations like Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple are building in Iowa to support its clean and renewable energy investments.

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Green Jobs Now: Indiana

Employment in Indiana’s green economy is projected to grow by 29.2% over the next five years as clean energy offsets the state’s reliance on coal.

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Green Jobs Now: Mississippi

Mississippi's rich natural resources and prime geographic location are fodder for explosive jobs growth as the region continues to bear the brunt of climate change.

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Green Jobs Now: Illinois

The birthplace of America’s labor movement, Illinois is taking on climate change by putting an emphasis on building a more diverse workforce with equitable access to green skills.

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Green Jobs Now: Arkansas

Home to many major food operations, nearly every food found in stores can tie back to Arkansas’s farms and food facilities—putting renewed emphasis on sustainability.

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Green Jobs Now: Colorado

Colorado has been leading the way in the green economy for more than a decade and it shows no signs of slowing down.

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Green Jobs Now: Louisiana

Louisiana is one of the nation’s top energy producers, and while the green economy is still a small slice of the overall production, it's only going to grow.

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Green Jobs Now: Pennsylvania

Finally, Pennsylvania is making the jump between old and new energy sources, taking steps to ensure the transition benefits both the workforce and the environment.

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