Resilient Skills

The Survivor Skills That the Class of COVID-19 Should Pursue
fox and hedgehog

Resilient skills, like resilient people, flourish no matter what. They take a licking and keep on ticking. These will be the survivor skills for the class of COVID-19—indeed, for anyone searching for new or better employment. Resilient skills are the skills that graduates should highlight on their resumes and current students should focus on gaining.

As Isaiah Berlin famously said: “A fox knows many things. A hedgehog knows one big thing.” The resilient worker is both fox and hedgehog: they know a little about many things, and they know a lot about one or two subject matters. They are both specialist and generalist.

fox and hedgehog

CheckmarkResilient skills include a mix of human skills and technical skills.
CheckmarkHuman skills (such as communication, management/leadership, and critical thinking) are specifically required in 84% of all job postings.
CheckmarkTechnical skills fall into two basic categories: technology (tech) skills (such as coding and software development) and core business skills (sales, marketing, finance, and operations).
resilent skills

CheckmarkCollege graduates and incoming college students as they set the stage for their careers.
CheckmarkEducational institutions as they help students assess and communicate the resilient skills they possess.
CheckmarkPolicymakers as they develop programs that will help workers reskill at various stages of their careers.
CheckmarkWorkforce and economic development organizations as they communicate the opportunity of resilient skills to workers who may be stalled in their careers, and help connect those workers to employers.
CheckmarkBusinesses as they invest in the skills of their employees and recruit skilled workers from all types of undergraduate programs.
Resilient Skills

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