5 Cs for Success

How to Use Data Presentation

in Changing Economic Times


Navigate the changing economic times with Ron Hetrick's Five Cs

The labor market is constantly changing. We have seen job openings soar into record levels and experienced labor shortages like never before. But the market’s pain can be staffing’s gain. The five Cs of understanding and presenting data can illuminate the best path through these complexities and give staffing companies the competitive advantage they demand.

The 5 Cs

Clear: The data points inherently make sense, they’re accurate and easy to explain.
Concise: The data matter and are directly relevant to the key questions. 
Contextual: The data points can be looked at historically to see if they are better, worse, or the same.
Comparative: The data are comparable to other markets, sectors, and time periods.
Compassionate: The data are presented supportively with the intention to help stakeholders succeed. 

Staffing companies who have the right data can leverage uncertainty to their advantage.

By using staffing’s five Cs to make sense of market conditions and tell the current story, you can navigate dynamic environments, confidently optimize client offerings, and increase bill rates. 


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