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Demand for 3D Graphics and Real-time 3D Skills
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3D skills, best-known for rendering immersive experiences virtually indistinguishable from real life, have now become essential in industries as diverse as architecture, manufacturing, health care, media, and entertainment

Demand for cutting-edge real-time 3D skills is growing quickly. Demand for 3D graphics overall has grown 42% faster than the market overall. Demand for real-time 3D skills, which are at the technological frontier of 3D graphics, has grown 601% faster than the market overall and now accounts for 10% of all openings calling for 3D graphics, up from 4% in 2013.

Real-time 3D skills are undersupplied, and that is unlikely to change any time soon. Demand for real-time 3D skills is growing rapidly, take longer than average to fill, and is associated with a large salary premium. These jobs pay 57% above the average advertised salary and 18% above the average advertised salary for jobs requesting 3D graphics skills in general.

In the European and English-speaking non-US countries Burning Glass analyzed, there were almost 34,000 job openings looking for real-time 3D skills in 2019, and demand for real-time skills in 2019 has multiplied by as much as 30 times in Singapore, and has grown at almost twice the pace of the US demand for graphic 3D skills.

Demand for 3D graphics and real-time 3D skills is outpacing overall job market growth in the non-US English-speaking nations studied. The market for these is growing more than 10% faster than the overall job market and over 50% faster than that of the average information technology skill.

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