Who is Going to do the Work?

America’s decades-long prioritization of the 4-year degree has pushed a new generation away from the skilled trades. What can industries that need skilled-trade workers do about it?


2 M

college-age students are unemployed with no college education 

If and when we experience an economic
slowdown, the demand for these jobs should continue because:

A. There is already a significant worker
B. Such jobs provide a core set of functions that will be in demand regardless of an up or down economy.

One of the most powerful findings of this study is that establishing a relationship with young talent gives you considerable influence over their career decisions. And perhaps the best way to establish that relationship is via the internship and apprenticeship.


of students would be more likely to attend a school if an internship with a company they valued was guaranteed.

The 4-year degree path may not be for everyone.

Businesses that rely on the skilled trades must engage this audience because high school and college-age students could feel pressure to get a 4-year degree and could very well go that route if they aren’t introduced to solid alternatives.

Key Insights


of students feel pressure to get a bachelor’s degree vs trade school or associate’s degree


of students strongly agree or agree with the statement:

The decision to go to college is as much about the college experience as it is getting a degree.


of students said the primary concern they had about community colleges and associate degrees or certificates was physical labor


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Who is Going to do the Work?