Tuesday May 16th - 2:00 PM (UTC)

Becoming a Skills-Based Organisation


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The labour market is continuously evolving and increasingly tight across the world, with talent and skills shortages being felt across multiple industries and geographies. Organisations are under pressure to optimise their workforce ROI and make better workforce planning decisions - whether to buy, build, borrow or bot. 

Skills are the building blocks of work, and the connectors between talent and employers. By understanding the skills you have available in your organisation, and the skills available in the market, you can map out a future-proof talent strategy that enables you to be fully equipped to meet business goals and remain competitive. 

A skills-based workforce transformation helps you to meet the labour market where it is at - and be flexible and resilient enough to hire and retain the right talent, at all times. There are other benefits of being a skills-based organisation too. 

In this webinar, we unpack the skills-based transformation journey organisations are going through, and provide practical tips on how to get started. Some of the main themes include:

  • Importance of skills-based workforce planning 

  • The skills disruption index

  • Skills-based organisation maturity model

  • Quick wins - skills-based strategies

  • Building your roadmap

The webinar is hosted by Matt Mee, our VP of Talent Innovation, who is joined by our Senior Economist in the Lightcast Applied Research team, Elizabeth Crofoot, our VP of Strategy, Mark Hanson, who is currently leading the Lightcast skills products strategy and, lastly, Simon Haines, the Co-founder and CEO of Simply Get Results - a client of Lightcast since 2020.