Thursday May 4th - 10:00 AM (UTC)

How Local Authorities are using digital badges to build skills insights?


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In an increasingly digital world, workers are leveraging technology to connect to employers and broaden their jobs opportunities. One such way of standing out from the talent crowd is through the use of digital badges. But these online credentials are not just a benefit to employees - organisations can also leverage them to:

  • Make use of practical data insights about skills initiatives and evaluate careers pathways. 

  • Connect employers and learning providers in key industries through digital badges. 

  • Help those employers adopt a new ‘skills-based’ hiring approach to filling vacancies. 

  • Enable learning providers to design digital badges of value that signpost learner-to-career opportunities. 

  • Support local learners to discover new opportunities based on skills they have, specifically targeting those impacted by social inequalities.

Navigatr is the next generation of Digital Badging platform to create, issue, and manage digital badges and pathways - hosted securely in the UK. Digital badges are a visual and shareable format of recognising skills that, when used alongside Lightcast’s Global Skills Classification, can create valuable insights that local authorities can use to deepen learning and work opportunities for their communities. 

In our second webinar in partnership with Navigatr, we continue our discussion on data-powered digital badges to bridge the skills gap in the context of local authorities. We hear from leaders at Cambridge City Council, Southampton Local Authority, and Belfast City Council, all of whom are pioneering a step-change initiative as part of the Cities of Learning movement with a goal of enabling better participation, skills development and improved outcomes for residents. 

Lightcast’s Account Director Will Cookson and Founder of Navigatr Tim Riches are joined by Lucy Laing and Joanna Hodgson from Cambridge City Council, Sara Wray from Southampton Local Authority, and Necole Donaghy from Belfast City Council as they talk through this innovative new strategy.