Wednesday February 22nd - 2:00 PM (UTC)

The 2023 Global Talent Playbook

Join Layla O'Kane as she discusses her new research, the 2023 Global Talent Playbook!


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The world of work has been shifting quickly. Even prior to Covid, the pace of change was hotting up, particularly with the accelerated demand for things like digital, AI and green skills. Then came Covid, and in the space of three years labour markets have gone from an initial increase in unemployment, followed by an unusually tight, candidate-driven market, followed more recently by a series of layoffs from some of the largest corporations, particularly in the tech sector.

In what promises to be a truly insightful webinar, Lightcast’s International Research Director, Layla O’Kane, joins us to talk about the findings of our recent 2023 Global Talent Playbook, which analyses many of the workforce trends we’re seeing across the world – such as the rise in remote/mobile working, demand for AI and green skills.

Join us as we illuminate the future of work and help you unlock new possibilities in the labour market.