Friday November 25th - 11:00 AM (UTC)

A New Way of Looking at Skills in the Labour Market

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The first resort in understanding employer demand in the labour market is to look at the popularity of skills appearing in employer job postings, but in this webinar we want to introduce you to a new concept we've been developing, which allows us to look at skills from four different perspectives: specialisation, diversity, ubiquity and proximity. Each of these dimensions offers a different angle on the labour market, allowing us to answer questions such as:

  • What level of Excel skills are required in a particular occupation?

  • What are the most intensive skills required for an Automation Engineer role?

  • Is demand for an occupation becoming more complex and specific over time?

This could have profound implications on the way employers, education providers, and economic development agencies think about skills in the workforce, so why not join us for what promises to be a truly insightful and inspiring webinar.