Tuesday June 27th - 6:00 PM (UTC)

Building Foundations

Powering Entry-Level Success with the Job-Readiness Room


Many individuals seeking to gain a foothold in the labor market have no way of showing employers they are ready for a career. At the same time, millions of job openings require little to no experience but employers have no way of knowing who is motivated, willing to learn, and job-ready. Training entry-level workers in foundational skills is essential to their adjustment into new roles and ensuring long-term success.

Bendable and Lightcast created the Job-Readiness Room to provide an accessible and effective online solution to help individuals sharpen foundational skills and signal readiness for a career, whether they have just been hired into an entry-level role or are in the process of seeking employment. 

In this webinar, we heard from Matt Sanford, Economic Development Manager with the City of Carlsbad, on how communities can help their entry-level jobseekers, and their employers seeking entry-level workers, use the language of skills and job readiness to connect with each other. Jay Gentry, Director of Strategic Partnerships for Lightcast’s Community Division, discussed the value of the Job-Readiness Room for both employers and jobseekers.