Wednesday October 4th - 1:00 PM (UTC)

Skills-Driven Workforce Transformation


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The world of work is changing. The days when people were defined by qualifications or job titles are disappearing; the days when they are defined by the skills they possess are here. But how can your organisation develop its workforce to genuinely reflect the skills dynamics of the fast-changing labour market, if its organisational design is still defined by one-dimensional qualifications and often outdated job titles? The answer lies in adoption a totally new workforce paradigm: one where your job architecture is mapped to the skills-based realities of the modern labour market, and updated regularly to take account of the rapid pace of labour market change.

We’re working with companies across the globe to help them achieve this genuinely exciting and truly revolutionary shift. In this webinar we look at what Skills-Driven Workforce Transformation is, how we help organisations achieve it, and why undertaking unlocks multiple opportunities for improving workforce planning and talent strategy.