Wednesday July 19th - 4:00 AM (UTC)

Using International Data Trends to get Ahead of the Curve.


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The skills shortage is a global challenge. So much so that in Europe, the EU Commission named 2023 the official European Year of Skills, aiming to boost the skills of European workers, with a particular focus on digitalisation. But Europe isn’t alone - In Australia, apprentices are being offered $5000 to study sought after skills from the lenghty Australian Apprenticeships Priority List

So how do you make the connection between the skills you need, and the skills available in the market? Plus, how do you build your skills-based strategy to ensure that your current employees are fully equipped to succeed in their role, or your students are fully equipped to enter the workforce and meet employer demand?

Sometimes, looking within isn’t enough, and looking at how other regions are navigating the talent and skills shortage can give you solid enough guidance that is applicable to your labour market. 

In this webinar, Lightcast's Director of Customer Success for APAC - Ben Van Tongeren, takes a data-driven look into the changing landscape of Global Skills, and looks at how Lightcast data can be used to get ahead of these changes, and prepare emerging students and workers for the needs of the ever-changing labour market. We explore the following questions:

- How can we utilise a skills-lens as opposed to an occupational lens to better understand and predict labour market demand?

- How can we utilise insight from other regions like the United States and the United Kingdom so get ahead of skill changes in our region?

- How are various occupations’ changing over time and what differences can we observe from offshore?

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