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We can help you achieve SDWT.

With Lightcast’s Skills and Occupation Taxonomies, and our vast database of Standardised Job Titles, we do all the heavy lifting for you. We'll clean up your job architecture by normalising it to the broader labour market, and doing a skills audit that'll leave you with workforce data that opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

Let us show you. Simply enter three of your job titles in the form above and a Lightcast data expert will get back to you shortly with labour market-normalised titles and the skills associated with them.

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How We Help You Transform Your Workforce Data

We've spent years developing taxonomies, along with a vast database of standard job titles. Using these taxonomies, we can take your workforce data and transform it into a skills-based job architecture in a fraction of the time, effort, and heartache it would take you to do it yourself.

Here's the 3-step process we employ, using the example of Digital HR Manager. Lightcast can do this for ALL of your job roles.

    Step 1: We'll normalise your job roles to our occupation taxonomy or standardised job titles;

    Step 2: We'll map these normalised roles to our broad skills categories;

    Step 3: We'll build out market-optimised common and specialised skills for each role.

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Lightcast Taxonomies Powering SDWT


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The Lightcast Skills Taxonomy

Our ability to transform your workforce data to the new skills-based paradigm hinges on us being able to define today's labour market skills and to update them to keep track of changes over time. This is exactly what we've done. The Lightcast Skills Taxonomy is a library of over 30,000 skills terms from billions of job postings and profiles, constantly updated, which we've sorted into a hierarchy of categories, sub-categories, and finally highly granular common and specialised skills. We're confident that you won't find a more up-to-date and easy-to-use source of workforce skills on earth.

Lightcast Occupation Taxonomy

Transforming your workforce data also requires an occupation taxonomy that can give a far more granular view of the labour market than standard occupation taxonomies. The Lightcast Occupation Taxonomy (LOT) was developed for this purpose. Built from real-world job postings and profiles, and updated annually to incorporate emerging roles, LOT has a hierarchical structure including 27 career areas, 180+ occupation groups, 780+ occupations, and 1,900+ specialised occupations. Simply put, LOT is the most current, comprehensive, and comprehensible occupation taxonomy available today.

Lightcast Titles

Finally, transforming your workforce data requires a method of an understanding of your job titles to the labour market. Again, we've got this covered with Lightcast Titles. Having collected billions of job postings and profiles across the globe, we've refined and standardised them into a highly accessible database of around 75,000 titles. With these titles being tagged to our Skills Taxonomy, we not only have the means to normalise your job titles to the labour market, but also the potential to compare your workforce data against your market and competitors - particularly in terms of a skills analysis.

Lightcast Skills Taxonomy
Lightcast Occupation Taxonomy
Lightcast Job Titles